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Marketplace Minis

Marketplace Minis are short to-the-point videos that explain concepts in three minutes or less. These live-action videos can help you get started with multiple topics in the marketplace and lead to deeper learning in full on-demand courses.

Technical Accelerators#

An introduction to the Metered Billing Accelerator#


In this video, learn how Microsoft's Metered Billing Accelerator can help you bring your Azure Marketplace offer to production faster.

Benefits of the SaaS Accelerator#


In this short video, learn about the SaaS Accelerator and how it can enable you to have a SaaS integration up and running in just 20 minutes.

Marketplace fundamentals#

Creating a marketplace offer#


This video shows how to create commercial marketplace offers in Partner Center.

Marketplace Publisher account setup#


To sell your solutions on the marketplace you must first register with the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. This short video will show you how.

Benefits of private offers#


This video explains the benefits of creating private offers, the criteria required to create them, and how they allow you to sell to specific customers at a custom price without making the deal public.

Understanding the different offer types#

Determining your offer type#


When it comes to publishing software solutions on the marketplace, one of the initial steps is choosing the right offer type to create. This means deciding on the most appropriate application architecture and deployment model.

Learn about the four deployment architectures that the marketplace offers in this short video.

Understanding SaaS offers#


This short video explains SaaS offers in the marketplace. Learn about the benefits of creating a SaaS offer; how SaaS offers integrate into the marketplace; and the flexible pricing and billing models for SaaS offers.

Testing a SaaS offer#


This video provides an overview of how to test your marketplace offer before going live, so you can ensure everything is working properly for your customers.

Evaluating and creating container offers for Kubernetes apps#


This video explains why you may want to use Container offers for Kubernetes apps for your solution, how to create one for the Azure marketplace, and the steps involved in packaging and deploying a container app.

Evaluating and publishing virtual machine offers#


In this short video, learn about virtual machine offers in the marketplace to see if they are a good fit for your solution. You will also be walked through the simple steps involved in publishing a virtual machine offer.

Evaluating Azure Managed Application offers#


This video explains why you may want to consider using an Azure Managed Application for your marketplace offer. Learn how Azure Managed Application offers can work for you; how these offers help protect your intellectual property; and, benefits of their billing model.

Three tips for building Teams Apps#


When developing a Teams app, it's important to keep in mind the app functionality, app security, and available tools. Watch this short video for an overview of each of these characteristics and why they are important.

Billing topics#

Choosing the best billing model for your offer#


This video explores the different billing models across commercial marketplace transactable offers. It includes a review of current transactable offers, an explanation of different pricing models, and an overview of which offer types support the different pricing models.

What is metered billing?#


Watch this video to learn how you can leverage the Azure Marketplace metered billing API to offer your product with a usage-based pricing model, and how this allows your customers to consume your solution in a pay-as-you-go fashion.