Certify for IoT Edge

IoT Edge Certification


Azure IoT Edge Certification program started in June 2018 and there is currently 80 + IoT Edge Certified devices in Device Catalog. Microsoft is certifying against IoT Edge runtime pre-installation and ability to deploy the Edge Modules on the Edge device apart from connectivity to Azure IoT Hub.


  • Submit Device: Partner submit the device in Partner Dashboard
  • Prepare the Device: Partner prepare the device and download the Azure IoT Edge Runtime here
  • Perform the Test : Partner pick the OS and perform the test mentioned in AICS and submit the logs files generated from AICS.
  • Verify the Logs: IoT Cert Team verify the logs and get started submitted by partner.
  • Certifying Criteria: Device is certified based on the log files generated by AICS test, get started document shared by partner and results are validated on actual physical device. Partner need to send the Hardware & software manuals explaining about the device connection and get started document.
  • Details guidelines can be found here


  • Partners needs to send the device to Microsoft to validate the product truth to ensure that the Edge runtime components (Edge security manager specifically) are pre-installed. On physical device, we are testing the product truth with the actual hardware

If OEMs have any questions, feel free to direct them to the email alias below: Azure Certified for IoT iotcert@microsoft.com