IoT Edge modules in Azure Markeplace

Find IoT Edge modules from Azure IoT Marketplace

Azure Marketplace offers a single centralized portal for discovering all the capabilities that can be deployed to an IoT Edge device. These modules are certified for quality and scanned for security vulnerabilities, giving confidence in the stability and security of the code used in their solutions. Azure Marketplace also offers modules that simulate sensors, for example temperature sensors, in case you have an IoT Edge device and you want to simply see if it transfers data to IoT Hub.

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Publish modules in the Marketplace

The benefits of publishing your modules in Azure Marketplace are to publicize and monetize your IP. Azure Marketplace is one of the few marketplaces with IoT-specific capabilities. Thus, it’s the place where thousands of developers will go to find the capabilities they need in their IoT solutions.

For many 3rd parties creating IoT capabilities, creating billing systems and tracking software usage is not a core competency. In our next steps, we will solve these problems as well. Currently Azure Marketplace supports free and “bring your own license” offers for IoT Edge modules. However, soon we’ll allow modules to choose various options for Azure to bill anyone using the module. This will happen securely, automatically, and without the module author writing a bunch of sensitive billing logic.

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