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DeviceScript brings a TypeScript developer experience to low-resource microcontroller-based devices. DeviceScript is compiled to a custom VM bytecode, which can run in very constrained environments.

A screenshot of the Visual Studio Code integration


The familiar syntax and tooling, all at your fingertips. Read the language reference.

Portable Virtual Machine

Small footprint DeviceScript bytecode interpreter. See supported devices.

Hardware as Services

Write reusable application/firmware on top of abstract hardware services. See clients.


Designed for low power, low flash, low memory embedded projects.

Simulation & Tracing

Develop and test your firmware using simulated or real sensors. See simulation


Full debugging experience in Visual Studio Code, for hardware or simulated devices. Read about the Visual Studio Extension.

Package Ecosystem

Leverage npm, yarn or pnpm to distribute and consume DeviceScript packages. Read about Packages.