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Visual Studio Code Extension

The Visual Studio Code extension provides the best developer experience for DeviceScript.

You will also need


  • Build and watch using DeviceScript compiler, deploy to simulator or hardware
  • Board configuration for hardware pins, I2S, SPI configurations
  • Debugger with breakpoints, stack traces, exceptions, stepping
  • Simulator for DeviceScript and sensors/actuators
  • Connection to native DeviceScript device
  • Device, services, register Explorer view
  • Register and Event watch

(Optional) Manual installation from the GitHub releases

Using the Install from VSIX command in the Extensions view command dropdown, or the Extensions: Install from VSIX command in the Command Palette, point to the .vsix file (see full instructions).

Creating a new project

  • install Node.JS 16+
  • From the Command palette, type DeviceScript: Create New Project... and follow the prompts.

The new project should be ready to go.

DeviceScript basics

Navigate to the Developer section to learn the basics of the language.


To report an issue, open the command palette and run DeviceScript: Report Issue...*.