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Command Line Interface

The DeviceScript command line (CLI) allows to compile and debug programs from your favorite IDE. The CLI is also usable within containers (Docker, GitHub Codespaces, CodeSandbox, ...).


npm install @devicescript/cli@latest --save-dev

The command tool is named devicescript or devs for short. The full list of options for each command is available through the CLI by running devs help <command>.

devs init [dir]

The init commands creates or updates the necessary files to get syntax completion and checking in DeviceScript project (typically from Visual Studio Code).

devs init myproject

The command will create the files under myproject. A device script project will look as follows:

.devicescript/     reserved folder for devicescript generated files
package.json projet configuration
devsconfig.json configure the DeviceScript compiler with additional flags,
also used by VSCode extension to activate.
src/ directory for DeviceScript sources
src/main.ts usual name for your entry point application
src/tsconfig.json configure the TypeScript compiler to compile DeviceScript syntax

Make sure to keep the devsconfig.json file even if it is empty. It is used as a marker to activate the Visual Studio Code extension.


By default, init will not override existing tsconfig.json. Using this flag, you can override this setting and force refreshing that file.

devs init --force


Do not run npm or yarn install after dropping the files.

--board board-id

Specify the device identifier to use for the project. The generate will patch ./src/main.ts and insert the board import statement.

devs add ...

The generated project by init is barebone by design. The add command can be used to update the project with extra features. Each add command may require additional arguments.

add test

Configures the project to add DeviceScript unit tests.

devs add test

add board

Configures the project to add a custom device configuration (board).

devs add board

add service

Configures the project to add custom services.

devs add service

add sim

Configures the project to add a Node.JS subproject that runs simulated devices.

devs add sim

add npm

Prepare the project to be published to npm.js as a library.

devs add npm

devs build

The build command compiles the entry point file from the current project using the resolution rules in tsconfig.json. It is the default command.

devs build

custom services and boards

The command line will automatically compile markdown files under the services folder (./services/*.md) into TypeScript client definition in node_modules/@devicescript/core/src/services.d.ts.


The --stats flag enables printing additional debugging information about code size, and other useful metrics.

devs build --stats

devs devtools

The devtools command launches the developer tool server, without trying to build a project.

devs devtools

build watch

To automatically rebuild your program based on file changes, add the file name.

devs devtools src/main.ts

When the build is run in watch mode, it also opens a developer tool web server that allows to execute the compiled program in a simulator or physical devices. Follow the console application instructions to open the web page.


To access the developer tools outside localhost, add --internet

devs devtools --internet

--usb, --serial, --spi

These flags tell the CLI to open native transports to USB, Serial or SPI devices. Each of these flags requires to install separate packages. These packages are not installed by default, as they typically have native dependencies and may not successfully install on all environments.


Uses usb package to communicate with USB devices.

npm install usb
devs devtools --usb


Uses serialport package to communicate with USB devices.

npm install serialport
devs devtools --serial


On Raspberry Pi, uses node-rpio and spi-dev.

npm install rpio spi-dev
devs devtools --spi

devs flash

Command to flash the DeviceScript firmware onto a physical device. There are dedicated documentation pages to support various MCU architectures.

devs bundle

Bundle firmware, DeviceScript program, and settings into one image. Learn more