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Bundled Firmware

A firmware image can be bundled together with a DeviceScript program and settings into a single image that can be flashed at once using the platform native tools.Ï

Let's assume you're developing for seeed_xiao_esp32c3 board. Inside your project folder run using the CLI:

devs bundle --board seeed_xiao_esp32c3 src/main.ts

This will bundle the program from src/main.ts as well as any settings in .env and .env.local files.

You should get something similar to the following:

deploy to ZX81
--> done, 4kb
saved .devicescript/cache/devicescript-esp32c3-seeed_xiao_esp32c3-0x0.bin 1277952 bytes
writing 1875968 bytes to .devicescript/bin/bundle-devicescript-esp32c3-seeed_xiao_esp32c3-0x0.bin

The file .devicescript/bin/bundle-devicescript-esp32c3-seeed_xiao_esp32c3-0x0.bin can be now flashed to the device. You can do it using esptool or in case of Pico by just copying the .UF2 file. Or use devs flash --file command:

devs flash --board seeed_xiao_esp32c3 --file .devicescript/bin/bundle-devicescript-esp32c3-seeed_xiao_esp32c3-0x0.bin