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loopback rx ovf

The program is issuing requests to service client faster than the system can handle.

can't connect, no HF2 nor JDUSB

On ESP32-C3, we do not support external serial chips. This is the list of known supported ESP32 boards.

esptool cannot connect

If the esptool complains about not being able to connect, try plugging your board in while holding IO0/BOOT button.

I2C device not found or malfunctioning

There is a number of reasons why this error message will appear. A few common ones are due to invalid configurations, aside from hardware issues with the sensor.

  • Check that the I2C pins have been configured. Read about board configuration.
  • The I2C address is incorrect. Check the datasheet for the correct address.
  • The I2C address is correct, but the sensor is not responding. Check the wiring and the sensor datasheet.

Unable to locate Node.JS.

The Visual Studio Code extension was unable to determine the version of Node.JS. This may mean that Node.JS is not installed or not in the path, the local installation of modules is broken.

You can try to run npm update in the folder and try again.

npm update

Install @devicescript/cli package

The Visual Studio Code extension tries to locate the CLI script, ./node_modules/.bins/devicescript, that gets installed by the package manager.

If this file is not present, it typically means that the CLI is not installed in the project and needs to be added as devDependency.

  • click Install to install @devicescript/cli
  • try running npm update or yarn update to fix the installation

missing "devicescript" section

Importing a npm package designed for node.js or the browser is not yet supported. The reason is that it would most likely not work as the DeviceScript runtime environment is radically different from the browser or even node.js.

Instead you should try to import packages specifically built for devicescript.

No DeviceScript device found.

DeviceScript is trying to deploy bytecode but it cannot find any connected DeviceScript device. Make sure that your device is actively connected either through the connection helper page or through native transports (USB, Serial).

Multiple DeviceScript device found.

DeviceScript is trying to deploy bytecode but it found multiple connected DeviceScript devices. There should only be 1 connect device to deploy or the tool will give up.

error can't alloc pcb

TLS is not yet supported on RP2040. See implementation status and issue 664.