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Mastering the SaaS Accelerator

The SaaS Accelerator provides a fully functional community-led SaaS reference implementation for those interested in publishing transactable SaaS offers in Microsoft's marketplace in hours instead of days. This series of video modules and hands-on labs is designed to help you understand, install, use, and customize the SaaS Accelerator project.

SaaS Accelerator Overview - A Hands-on Tour#


This introduction to the accelerator demonstrates the SaaS Accelerator's core capabilities showing why it may be a good choice for your marketplace SaaS offer. In three short demos, this video shows its fundamental capabilities.

You'll see the landing page, the publisher's subscription management portal, and the customer's subscription management capabilities in action!

SaaS Accelerator Architecture#

Video | PDF

This quick video covers the overall architecture of the SaaS Accelerator. The architecture is straightforward and is explained in plain language appropriate for those with any level of experience with Azure.

Installing the SaaS Accelerator with the Azure portal cloud shell#


Installing the SaaS Accelerator is straightforward. This module walks you through from beginning to end the steps necessary to get the SaaS Accelerator up and running. It covers initial installati9on via the Azure cloud shell, configuring Partner Center, and even updating your SaaS Accelerator installation to a new version.

Follow along and you will be up and running with the SaaS Accelerator in no time!

Configuring Email in the SaaS Accelerator#


You will likely want to receive email when a subscription changes state. For example, when a someone unsubscribes from your offer. This video shows how to configure the email setting within the SaaS Accelerator and get those notifications coming right to your inbox.

Invoking Metered Billing with the SaaS Accelerator#


We look at the metered billing capabilities of the SaaS Accelerator for the Azure Marketplace. This video shows how to manually invoke metered billing events from the SaaS Accelerator without needing to integrate your solution with the SaaS Metering APIs.

Scheduling metered billing events#


This module introduces the metered billing scheduler feature of the SaaS Accelerator, used to schedule calls to the metered billing service right from within the publisher portal. Learn about the feature, how to enable it, how to schedule a billing event and how to troubleshoot common issues.

Custom Landing Page Fields with the SaaS Accelerator#


In addition to showing your subscribers information about their subscription when they arrive at your landing page, you may also want to capture some information from them. This is possible using custom fields on the landing page and this short video shows you how to use them.

Setting up a development environment for the SaaS Accelerator#

Video | PDF

If you want to customize the SaaS Accelerator to suit your environment, it can be a somewhat involved process. This video takes you from installing the accelerator, to debugging locally, through re-deploying it with your own code. The video is rather lengthy, so use the chapter links below to skip to the exact section you want to see.

Replacing application secrets for the SaaS Accelerator#

Video | PDF

In this instructional video, you'll learn how to replace application secrets for the SaaS Accelerator. The video is packed with demos that show you step-by-step how to replace your application secrets before they expire, causing errors on your landing page and admin portal. If you're experiencing these issues, this video will guide you through the process of correcting them, ensuring your SaaS Accelerator is running smoothly.

Hands-on labs#

To perform the hands-on labs, visit this GitHub repository, which is home to the Mastering the Marketplace labs.