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Supporting new types of PII operators

Operators are the presidio-anonymizer actions over the text.

There are two types of operators: - Anonymize (hash, replace, redact, encrypt, mask) - Deanonymize (decrypt)

Presidio anonymizer can be easily extended to support additional anonymization and deanonymization methods.

Extending presidio-anonymizer for additional PII operators:

  1. Under the path presidio_anonymizer/operators create new python class implementing the abstract Operator class
  2. Implement the methods:
    • operate - gets the data and returns a new text expected to replace the old one.
    • validate - validate the parameters entered for the anonymizer exists and valid.
    • operator_name - this method helps to automatically load the existing anonymizers.
    • operator_type - either Anonymize or Deanonymize. Will be mapped to the proper engine.
  3. Add the class to presidio_anonymizer/operators/
  4. Restart the anonymizer.


The list of operators is being loaded dynamically each time Presidio Anonymizer is started.