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Example 7: Tracing the decision process

Presidio-analyzer's decision process exposes information on why a specific PII was detected. Such information could contain:

  • Which recognizer detected the entity
  • Which regex pattern was used
  • Interpretability mechanisms in ML models
  • Which context words improved the score
  • Confidence scores before and after each step And more.

For more information, refer to the decision process documentation.

Let's use the decision process output to understand how the zip code value was detected:

from presidio_analyzer import AnalyzerEngine
import pprint

analyzer = AnalyzerEngine()

results = analyzer.analyze(
    text="My zip code is 90210", language="en", return_decision_process=True

decision_process = results[0].analysis_explanation

pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter()
print("Decision process output:\n")

When developing new recognizers, one can add information to this explanation and extend it with additional findings.