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Presidio eco-system

This section collects different resources developed with Presidio.


Resource Description
Obsei Obsei is an open-source, low-code, AI powered automation tool
data-describe data-describe is a Python toolkit for Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). It aims to accelerate data exploration and analysis by providing automated and polished analysis widgets.
Azure Search Power Skills Power Skills are a collection of useful functions to be deployed as custom skills for Azure Cognitive Search. The skills can be used as templates or starting points for your own custom skills, or they can be deployed and used as they are if they happen to meet your requirements.
DataOps for the Modern Data Warehouse Contains numerous code samples and artifacts on how to apply DevOps principles to data pipelines built according to the Modern Data Warehouse (MDW) architectural pattern on Microsoft Azure.
Extending Power BI with Python and R Code repository for Extending Power BI with Python and R, published by Packt.
HebSafeHarbor Clinical notes anonymization in Hebrew.
Presidio Github Action Github Action that analyzes text for PII entities with Microsoft's Presidio framework.
Presidio CLI CLI tool that analyzes text for PII Entities with Microsoft Presidio framework.
  • Please create a PR if you're interested in adding your tool to this list.