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Presidio Image Redactor

Please notice, this package is still in beta and not production ready.


The Presidio Image Redactor is a Python based module for detecting and redacting PII text entities in images. img.png



  • Install Tesseract OCR by following the instructions on how to install it for your operating system.


For now, image redactor only supports tesseract version 4.0.0


Consider installing the Presidio python packages on a virtual environment like venv or conda.

To get started with Presidio-image-redactor, download the package and the en_core_web_lg spaCy model:

pip install presidio-image-redactor
python -m spacy download en_core_web_lg


This requires Docker to be installed. Download Docker.

# Download image from Dockerhub
docker pull

# Run the container with the default port
docker run -d -p 5003:3000

First, clone the Presidio repo. See here for instructions.

Then, build the presidio-image-redactor container:

cd presidio-image-redactor
docker build . -t presidio/presidio-image-redactor

Getting started

Once the Presidio-image-redactor package is installed, run this simple script:

from PIL import Image
from presidio_image_redactor import ImageRedactorEngine

# Get the image to redact using PIL lib (pillow)
image ="./docs/image-redactor/ocr_text.png")

# Initialize the engine
engine = ImageRedactorEngine()

# Redact the image with pink color
redacted_image = engine.redact(image, (255, 192, 203))

# save the redacted image"new_image.png")
# uncomment to open the image for viewing

You can run presidio image redactor as an http server using either python runtime or using a docker container.

Using docker container

cd presidio-image-redactor
docker run -p 5003:3000 presidio-image-redactor 

Using python runtime


This requires the Presidio Github repository to be cloned.

cd presidio-image-redactor
# use ocr_test.png as the image to redact, and 255 as the color fill. 
# out.png is the new redacted image received from the server.
curl -XPOST "http://localhost:3000/redact" -H "content-type: multipart/form-data" -F "image=@ocr_test.png" -F "data=\"{'color_fill':'255'}\"" > out.png

Python script example can be found under: /presidio/e2e-tests/tests/

API reference

the API Spec for the Image Redactor REST API reference details and Image Redactor Python API for Python API reference