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Example 8: Creating no-code pattern recognizers

No-code pattern recognizers can be helpful in two scenarios:

  1. There's an existing set of regular expressions / deny-lists which needs to be added to Presidio.
  2. Non-technical team members who require adding logic without writing code.

Regular expression or deny-list based recognizers can be written in a YAML file, and added to the list of recognizers in Presidio.

An example YAML file can be found here.

For more information on the schema, see the PatternRecognizer definition on the API Docs).

Once the YAML file is created, it can be loaded into the RecognizerRegistry instance.

This example creates a RecognizerRegistry holding only the recognizers in the YAML file:

from presidio_analyzer import AnalyzerEngine, RecognizerRegistry

yaml_file = "recognizers.yaml"
registry = RecognizerRegistry()

analyzer = AnalyzerEngine(registry=registry)
analyzer.analyze(text="Mr. and Mrs. Smith", language="en")

This example adds the new recognizers to the predefined recognizers in Presidio:

from presidio_analyzer import AnalyzerEngine, RecognizerRegistry

yaml_file = "recognizers.yaml"  # path to YAML file
registry = RecognizerRegistry()
registry.load_predefined_recognizers()  # Loads all the predefined recognizers (Credit card, phone number etc.)


analyzer = AnalyzerEngine()
analyzer.analyze(text="Mr. Plum wrote a book", language="en")