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@rnx-kit/console is a simple console logger that is a subset of the logger in @react-native-community/cli-tools. It is used by Metro plugins to ensure that log lines are consistent with @react-native-community/cli.

Ideally, we should be using the reporter that is passed to Metro but we don't have access to it from the customSerializer hook. The next best thing would be to use @react-native-community/cli-tools but it includes a bunch of other tools and we cannot take a dependency on any single version since we need to support multiple versions of react-native (and hence multiple versions of @react-native-community/cli-tools).

Other libraries, such as just-task-logger, were also considered. However, the purpose of this package is to match with the output of @react-native-community/cli. just-task-logger in particular uses its own colour scheme and doesn't allow configuring them to match the colour scheme.


yarn add @rnx-kit/console --dev


import { error, info, warn } from "@rnx-kit/console";

error("This is an error message");
info("This is an informational message");
warn("This is a warning");