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@rnx-kit/tools-node is a collection of supplemental NodeJS functions and types.

You can import the entire package, or, to save space, import individual categories:

import * as tools from "@rnx-kit/tools-node";

// Alternatively...
import * as moduleTools from "@rnx-kit/tools-node/module";
import * as packageTools from "@rnx-kit/tools-node/package";
import * as pathTools from "@rnx-kit/tools-node/path";
CategoryType NameDescription
moduleFileModuleRefModule reference rooted to a file system location, either relative to a directory, or as an absolute path. For example, ./index or /repos/rnx-kit/packages/tools/src/index.
modulePackageModuleRefModule reference relative to a package, such as react-native or @rnx-kit/tools/node/index.
packageFindPackageDependencyOptionsOptions which control how package dependecies are located.
packagePackageManifestSchema for the contents of a package.json manifest file.
packagePackagePersonSchema for a reference to a person in package.json.
packagePackageRefComponents of a package reference.
modulegetPackageModuleRefFromModulePath(modulePath)Convert a module path to a package module reference.
moduleisFileModuleRef(r)Is the module reference relative to a file location?
moduleisPackageModuleRef(r)Is the module reference a package module reference?
moduleparseModuleRef(r)Parse a module reference into either a package module reference or a file module reference.
packagefindPackage(startDir)Find the nearest package.json manifest file. Search upward through all parent directories.
packagefindPackageDependencyDir(ref, options)Find the package dependency's directory, starting from the given directory and moving outward, through all parent directories.
packagefindPackageDir(startDir)Find the parent directory of the nearest package.json manifest file. Search upward through all parent directories.
packageparsePackageRef(r)Parse a package reference string. An example reference is the name property found in package.json.
packagereadPackage(pkgPath)Read a package.json manifest from a file.
packageresolveDependencyChain(chain, startDir)Resolve the path to a dependency given a chain of dependencies leading up to it.
packagewritePackage(pkgPath, manifest, space)Write a package.json manifest to a file.
pathfindUp(names, options)Finds the specified file(s) or directory(s) by walking up parent directories.
pathnormalizePath(p)Normalize the separators in a path, converting each backslash ('\') to a foreward slash ('/').