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@rnx-kit/eslint-plugin is a set of rules that can be extended in your own shareable ESLint config.

For more details on shareable configs, see


yarn add @rnx-kit/eslint-plugin --dev

or if you're using npm:

npm add --save-dev @rnx-kit/eslint-plugin

This ESLint plugin exports @rnx-kit/recommended configuration. To enable it, add it to the extends section of your ESLint config file:

"extends": ["plugin:@rnx-kit/recommended"]

@rnx-kit/recommended currently extends:

Supported Rules

  • ✓: Enabled with @rnx-kit/recommended
  • 🔧: Fixable with --fix
@rnx-kit/no-const-enumdisallow const enum (why is it bad?)
🔧@rnx-kit/no-export-alldisallow export * (why is it bad?)