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@rnx-kit/third-party-notices provides a helper library to create a third-party-notices text file based on a output bundle. It also provides a cli interface to the library for integration into build steps like just-scripts

This function will read the sourcemap file and tries to find all files that are referenced in the sourcemap by assuming that all dependencies are represented as node_modules\moduleName or node_modules\@scope\moduleName It will then look in the package.json file to see if it finds a licence claration or it will look for the file called LICENCE in the root. And aggregate all ese files in the output file.

This package works for npm, yarn and pnpm package layouts formats.

At the moment this package only supports webpack based bundles, there is nothing preventing adding metro support, the current customers of this module are basedon webpack at the moment.



npx @rnx-kit/third-party-notices \
--rootPath <myPackage> \
--sourceMapFile <myPackage/dist/>
--help Show help [boolean]
--version Show version number [boolean]
--rootPath The root of the repo where to start resolving modules from.
[string] [required]
--sourceMapFile The sourceMap file to generate licence contents for.
[string] [required]
--outputFile The output file to write the licence file to. [string]
--json Output license information as a JSON
[boolean] [default: false]
--ignoreScopes Npm scopes to ignore and not emit licence information for
--ignoreModules Modules (js packages) to not emit licence information for
--preambleText A list of lines to prepend at the start of the generated
licence file. [array]
--additionalText A list of lines to append at the end of the generated
licence file. [array]

As a library

import { writeThirdPartyNotices } from "@rnx-kit/third-party-notices";

rootPath: ".",
sourceMapFile: "./dist/",

As a plugin

Import and add the plugin to ThirdPartyNotices in your metro.config.js, and optionally configure it to your liking:

 const { makeMetroConfig } = require("@rnx-kit/metro-config");
+const { ThirdPartyNotices } = require("@rnx-kit/third-party-notices");
+const { MetroSerializer } = require("@rnx-kit/metro-serializer");

module.exports = makeMetroConfig({
serializer: {
+ customSerializer: MetroSerializer([
+ ThirdPartyNotices(),
+ ]),