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@rnx-kit/tools-react-native is a collection of supplemental react-native functions and types.

You can import the entire package, or, to save space, import individual categories:

import * as tools from "@rnx-kit/tools-react-native";

// Alternatively...
import * as metroTools from "@rnx-kit/tools-react-native/metro";
import * as platformTools from "@rnx-kit/tools-react-native/platform";
CategoryType NameDescription
platformAllPlatformsList of supported react-native platforms.
metrofindMetroPath(projectRoot)Finds the installation path of Metro.
metrogetMetroVersion(projectRoot)Returns Metro version number.
platformexpandPlatformExtensions(platform, extensions)Returns a list of extensions that should be tried for the target platform in prioritized order.
platformgetAvailablePlatforms(startDir)Returns a map of available React Native platforms. The result is cached.
platformgetAvailablePlatformsUncached(startDir, platformMap)Returns a map of available React Native platforms. The result is NOT cached.
platformparsePlatform(val)Parse a string to ensure it maps to a valid react-native platform.
platformplatformExtensions(platform)Returns file extensions that can be mapped to the target platform.