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@rnx-kit/tools-android is a collection of functions for deploying apps on Android.


import * as tools from "@rnx-kit/tools-android";
-getBuildToolsPath()Returns the path to Android SDK Build-Tools.
-getDevices()Returns a list of attached physical Android devices.
-getEmulators()Returns a list of available Android virtual devices.
-getPackageName(apk)Returns the package name and the first launchable activity of the specified APK.
-install(device, apk, packageName)Installs the specified APK on specified emulator or physical device.
-launchEmulator(emulatorName)Launches the emulator with the specified name.
-selectDevice(emulatorName, logger)Returns the emulator or physical device with the specified name.
-start(__namedParameters, packageName, activityName)Starts the specified activity on specified emulator or physical device.