Microsoft Partner Showcase - Data & Analytics

The Microsoft Partner Showcase💡 features technical conversations with Microsoft Partners and their solutions. Join Microsoft CSAs and Partners from around the world to get their perspectives on the tech industry and go hands-on with their solutions. These episodes focus on data, analytics, and AI solutions.

In this Partner Showcase, we discuss securing AI apps using Terraform and Vault with David Wright from HashiCorp. Terraform, of course, is the widely used infrastructure-as-code tool. In this demo, David walks though how to leverage Vault along with Terraform to deploy the demo app using a PKI architecture. This is a sneak peek at David's build session that further explores this topic! more »

How many users can your Power BI reports support? Load testing Power BI reports can be a difficult task that is made easier with LoadFAST from MAQ Software. We've invited MAQ Software back to the Partner Showcase to discuss their new solution, LoadFAST. LoadFAST enables organizations to load test their Microsoft Fabric capacity. Gain insight into how many users your capacity supports to optimize for both cost and user experience. more »

In this partner showcase, we talk with Ofer Ashkenazi, Principal Program Manager on the Microsoft Fabric Embedded Analytics team. Ofer introduces the Embedded Analytics Solution Accelerator program and primary benefits of the program, as well as discussing the first three initial partners into the program. Interested in learning more? Visit this Microsoft Learn page for more information more »

In this Partner Showcase, we continue our Power BI Embedded series with the team from iLink discussing their solution, EmbeDash. EmbeDash allows software vendors to easily incorporate Power BI analytics directly into their solutions, increasing the functionality of Power BI Embedded and reducing the implementation time. more »

Continuing our Partner Showcase series with Elastic, this episode discusses data chunking, and how it relates to semantic search and natural language processing. Taking large documents and breaking them into smaller chunks of data (such as sentences or paragraphs) can improve semantic search by building vectors from these fragments. See how this applies in Elasticsearch in our "Too Much Turkey Tech Talk." more »

Search is more important than ever in the world of AI, semantic search, and natural language processing (NLP). We've partnered up with Elastic to go over some fundamental concepts. In this first in the series, Elastic distinguished architect Michael Heldebrant presents a primer on Elasticsearch, and how it represents JSON-based documents. If you are new to Elasticsearch or would like a refresher, check out this episode! more »

Continuing our series on Power BI related partner solutions, we sat down with Keshav and Arpita from MAQ Software to discuss EmbedFAST. EmbedFAST allows users to embed Power BI into applications without the complexity of writing code, achieving faster time to insight while saving time and development effort. more »

With the release of Microsoft Fabric, this a great time to highlight some of the amazing solutions that build off Fabric and Power BI. Embedding Power BI in a multitenant environment and creating white-label experiences can take a significant amount of development time. more »

Interested in learning more about the evolution of data warehousing, data meshes, and data lakehouse? In this Partner Showcase, we talk with Dremio about their data lakehouse platform, and how it can accelerate time to insight. more »

We frequently talk about data management and data governance from a software and technical perspective, but what about the people and the processes that implement data management? How do you know if your data management is sufficient? Where do you start if don't have any data management framework or governance? These are questions the EDM Council, and specifically their CDMC framework, strive to answer. In this showcase, Mike Meriton, EDM Council cofounder, discusses the history of the EDM Council and the CDMC framework. more »

Adastra focuses on data, analytics, and AI solution development. They'll walk us through their portfolio and show us two unique AI based solutions. The first, Intelligent Search Bot Platform, is an OpenAI powered solution that enhances traditional chat bot experiences by leveraging organizational data with ChatGPT's knowledge repository. The second, Lucid Data Hub, rapidly accelerates data engineering with generative AI. Lucid Data Hub will analyze source data, build out the data pipelines and analytical models into a lakehouse medallion architecture, ready for reporting in Power BI. more »

Data estates have exploded in complexity with data residing in multiple regions and clouds, with endless combinations of data sources, schemas, and formats. Data integration is a complicated task. Fivetran has built a complete SaaS solution for easily orchestrating data movement - small or large databases, near real-time or periodic batching - Kelly Kohlleffel from Fivetran takes us on a tour. more »

In this Partner Showcase, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architects Chris Mitchell and Brian Hitney discuss Master Data Management (MDM) and data governance with CluedIn CEO Tim Ward, who lends his insight on the industry and gives a demo of how CluedIn solves a common master data management problem. more »

In this Microsoft Partner Showcase, we're joined by Shaun Van Staden from Starburst. Shaun gives us insight into data meshes, their typical challenges, and demos how Starburst can accelerate development of analytical workloads. more »