Modern Analytics Academy - Overview

Welcome to the Modern Analytics Academy (MAA)!

The Modern Analytics Academy is designed to illustrate and upskill on modern techniques, principles, and technologies available on the Microsoft Azure platform related to data and analytics. The content will explore analytics in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Fabric, Azure Synapse Analytics, data modeling and storage, event processing, data governance, and Power BI.

We’ve organized the content into a few key areas:

  • Modules - All of the modules on one page.
  • Hands-on Content - Labs, excercises, and hacks
  • Vignettes - All of our short-form “vignette” content that dives into analytics-related topics
  • Resources - Lists of helpful learning resources and readiness material organized by topic

Core Sessions

The Overview session is designed to give an overall picture of modern analytics in Azure -- understanding the business needs in a modern organization, and understanding the choices available in the Azure platform. We'll answer many of the "why" questions in this high level presentation. more »

In Data Acquisition and Storage we’ll look at the nuances of how to integrate source systems to move data into Azure for long term retention and analysis. Technologies include Azure Data Lake, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Event Hubs, and Azure Synapse Analytics. more »

In Data Modeling we'll look at how to structure a Data Lake, and how to leverage technologies like Synapse Spark, Synapse SQL, and Synapse Serverless SQL in conjunction with technologies like Delta to provde a mechanism for users and downstream visualization tools to query and explore data. more »

In Data Pipelines, we'll look at the definition and key concepts of creating a data pipeline. We will dive into four Microsoft cloud resources, including Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Data Pipelines, Power BI Data Flow, and Azure Streaming Analytics. Lastly, we will review the comparison metrics to help you decide which service to choose for your scenario. more »

Data Governance is defined as the people, processes, and technology needed to securely and properly handle data across an organization. Microsoft Purview has been designed to help curate, identify, and manage that data, whether it be on-premises, in Azure, or in another cloud. In the main session, we'll explore Microsoft Purview's main features, with a number of demos and examples for you to explore on your own. more »

In this session, we dive into Power BI, from feature overview, creating compelling dashboards, and best practices. more »


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