Modern Analytics Academy

Welcome to the Modern Analytics Academy (MAA)!

The Modern Analytics Academy consists of several modules designed to illustrate and upskill on modern techniques, principles, and technologies available on the Microsoft Azure platform. The content will explore analytics in Microsoft Azure, Azure Synapse Analytics, data modeling and storage, event processing, data governance, and Power BI.

We’ve organized the content into a few key areas:

  • Core Sessions - The original main sessions designed to be a soup-to-nuts overview of a modern analytics solution
  • Hands-on Content - Recommended labs, workshops, and other hands-on material
  • Vignettes - Our ongoing series that dives into analytics-related topics

Core Sessions

For a more immersive list with full descriptions, visit the core sessions page.

Ongoing “Vignette” Sessions

Our ongoing Modern Analytics Academy series, which we’ve called “vignettes”, dive into topical areas related to analytics. For a more immersive list of sessions, visit the vignette page for an expanded list with descriptions and thumbmails.

Synapse Data Explorer
What is Data Governance?

Suggested Labs

Each session may have recommended hands-on material that will be listed on each session page. Visit the hands-on page for recommended labs and workshops that supplement this content.


We welcome contributors to this project. Please use the GitHub links near the upper right and consider submitting pull requests or filing issues as needed.