Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Academy

More coming this February! The Azure Infrastructure Academy launched Nov. 2023 and is undergoing development.

Welcome to the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Academy, your gateway to managing and optimizing your cloud infrastructure. 📎

Ready to elevate your organization’s cloud infrastructure? Managing Azure infrastructure isn’t just a task for the IT team — it’s a collective effort. Get started with the basics and take action today.

The Basics

  1. Cloud Adoption Framework
  2. Azure Well-Architected Framework
  3. Azure Virtual Desktop
  4. Azure VMware Solution (AVS)

Keep your organization resilient against evolving challenges with continuous learning through our Video Modules. Our Resources complement the Video Modules and empower you to dive deeper into key Azure infrastructure concepts.

Explore our new resources for Epic on Azure!🎉

IA Organizational Chart

Noteworthy News📰

Watch Satya Nadella talk to NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang about Microsoft’s expanding partnership with Nvidia, learn more about Microsoft’s recent innovation in AI Infrastructure, and explore ​what’s new and what’s next with Azure IaaS.

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Meet our Team🎉

The resources within each academy are created by our team of Azure Infrastructure experts.

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