Migrate and Secure

Azure VMware Solution Academy

The Azure VMware Solution Academy is all about how to seamlessly integrate your VMware workloads with Azure for improved scalability and efficiency. Harness the full potential of Azure VMware, enabling you to improve your infrastructure, streamline operations, and maximize benefits.

Adaptive Cloud Academy

The Adaptive Cloud Academy teaches you how to use Azure Arc to extend Azure management and services to any infrastructure, such as on-premises, edge, or multi-cloud. Explore topics such as deploying and managing Azure Arc-enabled servers, Kubernetes clusters, data services, and more.

Azure Virtual Desktop Academy

The Azure Virtual Desktop Academy introduces you to the powerful features of Azure Virtual Desktop, a service that delivers virtualized desktop and app experiences.

Networking Academy

The Networking Academy focuses on the fundamentals and best practices of Azure networking, such as virtual networks, load balancers, VPN gateways, and network security groups. Dive into designing and implementing network solutions, troubleshooting network connectivity, and securing network resources.