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Welcome to Academies! Each Academy is crafted for a specific technology or solution, such as AI/ML, security, and analytics. Within each academy, you’ll find a collection of expert-level sessions, demonstrations, and other critical resources centered on the chosen topic.

Explore the Microsoft Partner Showcase The Partner Showcase features technical discussions with Microsoft Partners and their innovative solutions. Join Microsoft CSAs and Partners from around the world to get their perspectives on the tech industry and go hands-on with their solutions.

AI/ML Academy

Welcome to the AI and ML Academy (AIA)! This academy includes 6 modules, each diving into different aspects of AI/ML solutions, leveraging Azure AI services like Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning, and DevOps integration. Our latest content:

Azure Data Academy

Welcome to the Azure Data Academy! Explore skilling for database technologies on Azure, encompassing SQL Server, OSS DB, and Cosmos DB. While the primary focus of the Modern Analytics Academy is analytical data engineering, the Azure Data Academy directs its focus toward more operational and transactional aspects. Our latest content:

Developer Velocity Academy

Welcome to the Developer Velocity Academy! Learn how to improve the efficiency and innovation of software development teams by using the right tools, processes, and culture to remove friction and barriers. Our latest content:

Dynamics 365

Welcome to the Dynamics 365 Academy, your comprehensive deep dive into everything Dynamics and Power Platform. The Dynamics 365 Academy adopts a service-oriented organizational approach, simplifying Dynamics and Power Platform’s comprehensive domain. Our latest content:

Azure Infrastructure Academy

Welcome to the Azure Infrastructure Academy! Learn how to manage and optimize cloud infrastructure using Azure services and tools. Discover the basics of Azure infrastructure and key Azure infrastructure concepts. Our latest content:

Modern Analytics Academy

Discover modern analytics and data warehousing techniques, principles, and technologies available on Microsoft Azure. The content will explore analytics in Microsoft Azure, Azure Synapse Analytics, data modeling and storage, event processing, data governance, and Power BI. Our latest content:

Partner Onboarding Academy

Welcome to the Partner Onboarding Academy, a comprehensive guide for partners who want to start and grow their business with Microsoft. Explore the steps and benefits of becoming a Microsoft partner, building solutions on Azure, marketing offers in the Azure Marketplace, and accessing co-sell incentives and rewards. Our latest content:

Create a MACC Offer

Microsoft Security Academy

Welcome to the Microsoft Security Academy, your gateway to comprehensive cybersecurity training and resources. The Microsoft Security Academy is organized into 7 smaller academies and security modules (Sentinel, Defender XDR, Defender for Cloud, Entra, Azure Network Security, Endpoint Security, Purview). Our latest content:

Copilot for Security

Microsoft Teams Academy

The Teams Academy is your comprehensive deep dive into everything Microsoft Teams, empowering our Partners to explore all aspects of the modern workplace. Our latest content:

Microsoft Teams Academy Modules

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