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Stay ahead of evolving threats and protect your organization with continuous learning through our Modules. The Microsoft Security Academy’s Resources complement the Modules and enable you to explore cybersecurity concepts in greater detail.

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A new era of security is here. Read how Microsoft unveiled the expansion of AI for security and security for AI at Microsoft Ignite.

The Basics

  1. Get started
  2. Basic cyber hygiene prevents 98% of attacks
  3. CIS Benchmarks
  4. Secure Cloud Business Applications (SCuBA) Project – CISA

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Noteworthy News📰

Learn about Microsoft’s new Secure Future Initiative to address “sophisticated, patient, stealthy, well-resourced, and government-backed techniques to infect and undermine the integrity of computer networks on a long-term basis.”

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Microsoft Ninja trainings are sets of organized learning modules that guide you through the advanced features and functions of our products.

Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Architecture🔒

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