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Microsoft Purview End-to-End eDiscovery Workflow Implementation — Learn how to detect, preserve, collect, process, cull, and analyze data in place and do an end-to-end eDiscovery workflow. Discover how you can find and collect data, streamline your eDiscovery process with an end-to-end workflow, and get insights quickly with built-in capabilities.

Conquer Risk Management and Subject Rights Request with Microsoft Priva — In this session, explore how to use Microsoft Priva to meet regulatory requirements, build customer trust, and help organizations take a “privacy by default” approach. Dive into Priva’s capabilities including Priva Privacy Risk Management, which provides visibility into your organization’s data and policy templates; and Priva Subject Rights Requests, which provides automation and workflow tools for fulfilling data requests.

Understand, Discover, Classify, and Protect Data with Microsoft Purview Information Protection — Examine data discovery and built-in labeling and protection. Understand how accurate classification works with machine learning-based trainable classifiers and exact data match. Lastly, learn how to monitor what’s being done with labeled content.

Unified Data Governance with Microsoft Purview — Discover how to create an up-to-date map of your data landscape with automated data discovery, sensitive data classification, and end-to-end data lineage. Learn how to get insights into the location and movement of sensitive data and enable data consumers to access valuable, trustworthy data management.

Understanding and Maximizing Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) — Learn how to prevent data loss by identifying the inappropriate sharing, transfer, or use of sensitive data on endpoints, apps, and services. Leverage native, built-in protection for Windows 10, Office apps, and Edge. Lastly, utilize best practices for ensuring successful Microsoft Purview DLP deployment.

Leverage an Integrated Approach to Identifying Insider Risks with Microsoft Purview IRM — Analyze integrated approaches for insider risk policies that can define the types of risks to identify and detect, along with quickly taking appropriate actions to ensure users are compliant with compliance standards.

Manage Regulatory Compliance Privacy and Risk with Microsoft Purview Communications Compliance — Discover how to identify and investigate communication risks while maintaining end-user privacy. Learn how to meet regulatory compliance obligations and address corporate code-of-conduct violations and be able to rapidly take action by remediation workflows.

Get Compliant, Stay Compliant, and Meet Compliance Requirements with Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager — Learn how to utilize compliance manager to reduce compliance risks with in-product capabilities such as compliance score, control mapping, versioning etc. Analyze end-to-end compliance management capabilities such as easy onboarding, workflow management and also take advantage of ready-to-use regulatory assessment templates.

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