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An introduction session for Azure Network Security, diving into the challenges of a more dangerous environment, zero trust principles & architecture, Network Security Groups (NSGs), Azure Private Link, and how to build defense-in-depth with a layered approach to secure your network infrastructure. more »

Discover Azure Firewall's key capabilities, relevant use cases and features that centrally protect your workloads in Azure. Learn how to ease management and configuration overhead with a cloud-native firewall all paired with an extensive demo. Lastly, dive deep into Azure Firewall Premium's core features of intrusion detection and prevention (IDPS), TLS inspection, and how to use Azure Firewall Workbook for network traffic insights. more »

Learn how to protect your applications from common OWASP attacks with cloud-native Azure Web Application Firewall. Explore how to deploy the service in minutes to get complete visibility into your environment and block malicious attacks with managed rule sets. more »

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are some of the largest availability and security concerns facing customers. Learn how to protect your infrastructure from volumetric attacks with Azure DDoS protection and gain full visibility into DDoS attacks with actionable insights for a quick response. more »

Explore Azure Firewall Premium's powerful capabilities (e.g., TLS Inspection, URL Filtering, Web Categories) as a cloud native next-gen Firewall as a Service. At a focus, learn about Azure Firewall's Intrusion Detection & Prevention System (IDPS), policies, insights, or analytics, followed by a comprehensive demo. more »

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