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Want to stop ransomware and nation-state attacks? In under two hours, learn how to stop these threats with industry-leading antimalware, vulnerability management, attack surface reduction, device-based conditional access, and more.

Learn about Defender for IoT's agentless network detection and response (NDR) that is rapidly deployed and interoperable with Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Sentinel, and Security Operations Center (SOC) tools. Explore differences between IT/OT security and upskill with a detailed demo within Defender for IoT.

Cyberattacks on OT and IoT are rising, making it difficult for SOCs to respond to emerging threats quickly and efficiently. Explore the security challenges of IoT/OT attacks and how it impacts managing security operations in today’s modern SOC.

In this session, explore how Microsoft Defender for Endpoint protects Android and iOS devices. Learn about configuration options, protection settings, reports and incident investigations.

Learn about integration of Microsoft Defender for IoT with ServiceNow’s Operational Technology (OT) Manager. With this integration, organizations can enrich their existing ServiceNow CMDB with detailed information about specialized OT assets. Assets auto-discovered by Defender for IoT are shared seamlessly with the CMDB, along with their properties such as Purdue Level, device manufacturer, type, firmware level, IP/MAC, etc.

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