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Microsoft Zero Trust Architecture

Microsoft Zero Trust Architectur

Definition Cookbook

Concept Definition
Shared Responsibility Model A security and compliance framework that outlines the responsibilities of cloud service providers (CSPs) and customers for securing every aspect of the cloud environment.
Logging or Auditing ‘Logging’ or ‘Auditing’ means that information systems are recording important events such as system-level events, and the creation, modification, or deletion of objects within the system.
Ransomware A type of attack that destroys or encrypts files and folders, preventing the owner of the effected device from accessing their data.
Incident Response The practice of investigating and remediating active attack campaigns against your organization.
Secure Configuration ‘Secure’ means that a system has been configured or managed in a manner that reduces common risks associated with security incidents.
Identity Protection The detection, investigation, and remediation of identity-based risks.
Privileged Access Individuals or cloud service providers (CSPs) with ‘Privileged Roles’ have administrative access including the ability to manage information systems and change permissions. Also known as Privileged Access or Administrator Access.
Data Loss Prevention Preventing users from inappropriately sharing sensitive information with people who shouldn’t have it.
Data Retention Refers to minimum and maximum timelines for keeping corporate data, including sensitive data, before such data is permanently deleted.
Records Management A solution for organizations to manage regulatory, legal, and business-critical records.

Security Strategy

Zero Trust

Security Operations Analyst

Identity and Access Administrator

Information Protection Administrator