AI & ML Academy

The AI & ML Academy was recently updated!🎉


Welcome to the AI and ML Academy (AIA)! This academy includes 6 modules, all of which are built on top of each other. It incorporates technical assets as well as best practices. We include common AI/ML scenarios that we have seen throughout various industries. The objective of the academy is to help you move faster and build effective solutions. The modules are:


Vignettes (recently updated!)

Our ongoing vignettes continue the series by looking at the latest AI & ML topics:

LangChain & Hugging Face
Load Balancing
Function Calling
Semantic Kernel
Azure Content Safety
Azure AI Video Indexer
Azure AI Vision
GitHub Copilot

Events (April 2024 Update📰)

Table of Contents

The structure of the content is represented in the table below; each of the ‘module’ sessions, Customizable AI through MLOps, are more in-depth. Each session contains one or more presentations – with suggested labs and workshop content – designed to accommodate various skill levels.

AI & ML Overview
Customizable AI Azure AI Services, including Vision, Language, Speech, and customization of these Cognitive Services
Azure OpenAI Generative AI, including GPT, Codex, DALL-E, and ChatGPT
Scenario-based Services Document Intelligence, Azure AI Search, Metrics Advisor, Personalizer, Video Indexer, Anomaly Detector, and Power Virtual Agents
Build Your Own ML Custom ML with Notebooks, Auto ML, Designer using Azure ML
ML Platform Train and Deploy models across a host of environments and compute types
ML Engineering in Production (MLOps) Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, Kubeflow

Hands-on provisioned Environments

We are not currently offering fully hosted lab environments for the AI & ML Academy, but this may change in the future as we expand the content. In the meantime, you can still run the labs in your own Azure subscription. These labs are listed below:

Specialization Program Guides

Preparation Guidance


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