AI & ML Academy - Scenario-based Services

Welcome to the AI & ML Academy - Scenario-based Services!

In this module, we’ll look at Scenario-based services, including Document Intelligence, Azure AI Search, Metrics Advisor, Personalizer, Video Indexer, Anomaly Detector, and Power Virtual Agents.

Scenario-based Services

Document Intelligence

Document Intelligence, formerly known as Form Recognizer, is an AI service that applies advanced machine learning to extract text, key-value pairs, tables, and structures from documents automatically and accurately. Turn documents into usable data and shift your focus to acting on information rather than compiling it.



AI Search, formerly known as Azure Cognitive Search, is a cloud search service with built-in AI capabilities that enrich all types of information to help you identify and explore relevant content at scale. Use cognitive skills for vision, language, and speech, or use custom machine learning models to uncover insights from all types of content.


Metrics Advisor

Metrics Advisor is a part of Azure Applied AI Services that uses AI to perform data monitoring and anomaly detection in time series data. The service automates the process of applying models to your data and provides a set of APIs and a web-based workspace for data ingestion, anomaly detection, and diagnostics, without needing to know machine learning.



Create optimized user experiences, boost conversion and engagement, and add real-time relevance to product recommendations, with reinforcement learning–based capabilities. Personalizer can suggest general and individual layouts for users, using API calls.


Video Indexer

Azure Video Indexer is a cloud application built on Azure Media Services and Azure Cognitive Services. It enables you to extract the insights from your videos using Azure Video Indexer video and audio models.


Anomaly Detector

Anomaly Detector ingests time-series data of all types and selects the best anomaly detection algorithm for your data to ensure high accuracy. Detect spikes, dips, deviations from cyclic patterns, and trend changes through both univariate and multivariate APIs.


Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents lets you create powerful AI-powered chatbots for a range of requests—from providing simple answers to common questions to resolving issues requiring complex conversations. Engage with customers and employees in multiple languages across websites, mobile apps, Facebook, Microsoft Teams, or any channel supported by the Azure Bot Framework.