AI & ML Academy - ML Engineering in Production (MLOps)

Welcome to the AI & ML Academy (AIA) - ML Engineering in Production (MLOps)!

Machine learning Operations (MLOps) applies DevOps principles and techniques to machine learning projects and helps in efficiently scaling your project from experimentation to production. This module illustrates key DevOps concepts such as source control, automation, and CI/CD to build an end-to-end MLOps solution using popular tools such as Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions.

Getting Started - A Journey, not a Destination!

MLOps with Azure DevOps

  • Azure MLOps (v2) Solution Accelerator – This accelerator serves as the starting point for MLOps implementation in Azure using Azure DevOps.
  • MLOps From Scratch hack using Azure DevOps – This challenge-based hack will introduce you to the Azure DevOps tooling for MLOps and will help you gain hands-on experience with creating end-to-end Build & Release pipelines to continuously train and deploy your ML model(s).

MLOps with GitHub Actions

MLOps with Kubeflow

MLOps with mlFlow