Microsoft Partner Onboarding Academy

Welcome to the Microsoft Partner Onboarding Academy, your gateway to your partner journey.🔗

This Academy will walk you through the steps necessary to get started and prosper as a Microsoft Partner.

What is a Partner?

There are multiple types of partnerships with Microsoft:

  • Engineering Partnership — Launching a joint technical project
  • Co-Sell / GTM — Primary focus of this Academy

Why be a Microsoft Partner?📈

  1. Integrated Billing for Customers
    • Customer likely has existing billing setup with Microsoft
    • Approving new Purchase Orders for customer can take months
  2. Customers can use eligible Partner solutions to decrement MACC
  3. Microsoft is huge and our Partner network is even bigger…

The Microsoft Partner Onboarding Academy’s Modules are organized into sections which reflect the typical partner journey:


  1. Onboarding: This is the first step towards becoming a Microsoft Partner. This will give you entry into Partner Center, which is how and where you can access all of the Partner benefits.
  2. Build: Learn about Azure services and build your Azure skills.
    • NOTE: Sometimes this step is done prior to onboarding.
  3. Market: Now that you have access to Partner Center and a solution on Azure, the next step is to create an offer in the Azure Marketplace. Learn how to share leads and understand the rewards available to you.
  4. Grow: Once you understand the Marketplace, start to grow your business through other Co-Sell incentives.
  5. Accelerate: Take your partnership to the next level by fully utilizing Partner Incentives.

Key Concepts

NOTE: Microsoft uses many acronyms in its business. Use this page to reference those most commonly used.

Below are key concepts and definitions you’ll see used in this Academy:

  • Partner Center: A portal for Partners to manage their account, offers, customers, and billing.
  • Azure Marketplace: Where customers can purchase offers.
  • Offer: Software or service that the customer purchases (i.e., solutions).
  • Co-Sell: Selling with Microsoft.

Partner types:

  • ISV: Independent Software Vendor
  • SI: Systems Integrator
  • CSP: Cloud Service Providers

How does a Partner get started?

The first step is to start the onboarding process.


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