Microsoft Partner Onboarding Academy

What is Partner Center?

Microsoft Partner Center is a web-based portal and platform provided by Microsoft for its partners, including resellers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), System Integrators (SIs), and other businesses that collaborate with Microsoft to sell or deliver Microsoft products and/or services to customers.

Partner Center serves as the central hub for partners to manage their relationship with Microsoft and access various tools and resources to support their business activities.

Key Features & Functionalities:

  • Account Management: Partners can use Partner Center to manage their Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) accounts. This includes updating company information, managing user access, and maintaining a record of their Microsoft certifications and competencies.

  • Business Profile: Partners can create and maintain a business profile within Partner Center, which allows them to showcase their expertise, certifications, and competencies to potential customers.

  • Customer Management: Partners can associate their customers’ Microsoft licenses and subscriptions with their Partner Center account, making it easier to manage customer relationships, support, and billing.

  • Sales and Marketing Resources: Partner Center provides access to a variety of sales and marketing resources, including sales training materials, marketing campaigns, co-branding assets, and promotional offers.

  • Product and Service Catalog: Partners can explore Microsoft’s product and service catalog, including cloud services like Azure and Microsoft 365, and manage customer subscriptions and licenses.

  • Technical Support: Partners can access technical support resources, including documentation, forums, and direct support channels to help troubleshoot and resolve customer issues.

  • Incentives and Rebates: Partner Center provides information on incentive programs and rebates that partners may be eligible for based on their sales and performance.

  • Competencies and Certifications: Partners can track their progress in achieving Microsoft competencies and certifications, which can help them demonstrate expertise in specific Microsoft technologies.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Partners can access analytics and reporting tools to monitor their business performance, customer usage, and sales trends.

  • Collaboration: Partner Center allows partners to collaborate with Microsoft and other partners on joint projects, Co-Selling initiatives, and customer engagements.

  • Training and Learning Resources: Partners can access training and learning resources to enhance their skills and knowledge about Microsoft products and services.

Steps to Take

Follow the official steps to create your free Partner Account.

You will need to provide:

  • Primary Contact
  • Email Address
  • Authority to sign legal agreements
  • Legal business name and address for your company

Once submitted, Microsoft will validate the account. Once complete, you will have:

  • MPN ID
  • Verified Account

Additional Resources

Next Steps

Now that you have a verified Partner Center account, the next step is to create an offer.