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~Customer Project~ Case Study


Describe the customer and business requirements with the explicit problem statement.

System Under Test (SUT)

Include the system's conceptual architecture and highlight the architecture components that were included in the E2E testing.

Problems and Limitations

Describe about the problems of the overall SUT solution that prevented from testing specific (or any) part of the solution. Describe limitation of the testing tools and framework(s) used in this implementation

E2E Testing Framework and Tools

Describe what testing framework and/or tools were used to implement E2E testing in the SUT.

Test Cases

Describe the E2E test cases were created to E2E test the SUT

Test Metrics

Describe any architecture solution were used to monitor, observe and track the various service states that were used as the E2E testing metrics. Also, include the list of test cases were build to measure the progress of E2E testing.

E2E Testing Architecture

Describe any testing architecture were built to run E2E testing.

E2E Testing Implementation (Code samples)

Include sample test cases and their implementation in the programming language of choice. Include any common reusable code implementation blocks that could be leveraged in the future project's E2E testing implementation.

E2E Testing Reporting and Results

Include sample of E2E testing reports and results obtained from the E2E testing runs in this project.

Last update: April 20, 2021