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Use a team project wiki to share information with other team members. When you provision a wiki from scratch, a new Git repository stores your Markdown files, images, attachments, and sequence of pages. This wiki supports collaborative editing of its content and structure.

In Azure DevOps, you have the following options for maintaining wiki content:

  • Provision a wiki for your team project. This option supports only one wiki for the team project.
  • Publish Markdown files defined in a Git repository to a wiki. With this option, you can maintain several versioned wikis to support your content needs.

More information:

Wikis vs. digital notebooks (e.g., OneNote)

When you work on a project, you may decide to document relevant details or record important decisions about the project in a digital notebook. Tools like OneNote allows you to easily organize, navigate and search your notes. You can provide type, highlighting, or ink annotations to your notes. These notes can easily be shared and created together with others. Still, Wikis greatly facilitate the process of establishing and managing documentation by allowing us to source control the documentation.

Last update: December 15, 2022