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Design Review Recipes

Design reviews come in all shapes and sizes. There are also different items to consider when creating a design at different stages during an engagement

Design Review Process

Design Review Templates

Game Plan

  • The same template already in use today
  • High level architecture and design
  • Includes technologies, languages & products to complete engagement objective

Milestone / Epic Design Review

  • Should be considered when an engagement contains multiple milestones or epics
  • Design should be more detailed than game plan
  • May require unique deployment, security and/or privacy characteristics from other milestones

Feature/story design review

  • Design for complex features or stories
  • Will reuse deployment, security and other characteristics defined within game plan or milestone
  • May require new libraries, OSS or patterns to accomplish goals

Task design review

  • Highly detailed design for a complex tasks with many unknowns
  • Will integrate into higher level feature/component designs

Last update: January 4, 2022