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Engineering Feedback Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

The questions below are common questions related to the feedback process. The answers are intended to help both Microsoft employees and customers.

When should I submit feedback versus creating an issue on GitHub, UserVoice, or sending an email directly to a Microsoft employee?

It is appropriate to do both. As a customer or Microsoft employee, you are empowered to create an issue or submit feedback via the medium appropriate for service.

In addition to an issue on GitHub, feedback on UserVoice, or a personal email, Microsoft employees in CSE should submit feedback via CSE Feedback. In doing so, please reference the GitHub issue, UserVoice feedback, or email by including a link to the item or attaching the email.

Submitting to ISE Feedback allows the ISE Feedback team to coalesce feedback across a wide range of sources, and thus create a unified case to submit to the appropriate Azure engineering team(s).

How can a customer track the status of a specific feedback item?

At this time, customers are not able to directly track the status of feedback submitted via ISE Feedback. The ISE Feedback process is internal to Microsoft, and as such, available only to Microsoft employees. Customers may request an update from their ISE engineering partner or Microsoft account representative(s).

Customers can also submit their feedback directly via GitHub or UserVoice (as appropriate for the specific service), and inform their ISE engineering partner. The ISE engineer should submit the feedback via the ISE Feedback process, and in doing so reference the previously created issue. Customers can follow the GitHub or UserVoice item to be alerted on updates.

How can a Microsoft employee track the status of a specific feedback item?

The easiest way for a Microsoft employee within ISE to track a specific feedback item is to follow the feedback (a work item) in Azure DevOps.

As a Microsoft employee within ISE, if I submit a feedback and move to another dev crew engagement, how would my customer get an update on that feedback?

If the feedback is also submitted via GitHub or UserVoice, the customer may elect to follow that item for publicly available updates. The customer may also contact their Microsoft account representative to request an update.

As a Microsoft employee within ISE, what should I expect/do after submitting feedback via ISE Feedback?

After submitting the feedback, it is recommended to follow the feedback (a work item) in Azure DevOps. If you have configured Azure DevOps notifications to send an email on work item updates, you will receive an email when the feedback is updated.

If more information about the feedback is needed, a member of the ISE Feedback team will contact you to gather more information.

How/when are feedback aggregated?

Members of the CSE Feedback team will make a best effort to triage and review new CSE Feedback items within two weeks of the original submission date.

If there is similarity across multiple feedback items, a member of the ISE Feedback team may decide to create a new feedback item which is an aggregate of similar items. This is done to aid in the creation of a unified feedback item to present to the appropriate Microsoft engineering team.

On a monthly basis, the ISE Feedback team will review all feedback and generate a report consisting of the highest priority feedback. The report is presented to appropriate ISE and Microsoft leadership teams.

Last update: April 24, 2023