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Spike: {Name}

  • Conducted by: {Names and at least one email address for follow-up questions}
  • Backlog Work Item: {Link to the work item to provide more context}
  • Sprint: {Which sprint did the study take place. Include sprint start date}


Describe what question(s) the spike intends to answer and why.


Describe how the team will uncover the answer to the question(s) the spike intends to answer. For example:

  1. Build prototype to test.
  2. Research existing documents and samples.
  3. Discuss with subject matter experts.


Document the evidence collected that informed the conclusions below. Examples may include:

  • Recorded or live demos of a prototype providing the desired capabilities
  • Metrics collected while testing the prototype
  • Documentation that indicates the solution can provided the desired capabilities


What was the answer to the question(s) outlined at the start of the spike? Capture what was learned that will inform future work.

Next Steps

What work is expected as an outcome of the learning within this spike. Was there work that was blocked or dependent on the learning within this spike?

Last update: November 8, 2021