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CI Pipeline for better documentation


Most projects start with spikes, where developers and analysts produce lots of documentation.

Sometimes, these documents don't have a standard and each team member writes them accordingly with their preference. Add to that the time a reviewer will spend confirming grammar, searching for typos or non-inclusive language.

This pipeline helps address that!

The Pipeline

The pipeline uses the following npm modules:

We have been using this pipeline for more than one year in different engagements and always received great feedback from the customers!

How does it work

To start using this pipeline:

  1. Download the files from this repository
  2. Unzip the folders and files to your repository root if the repository is empty - if it's not brand new, copy the files and make the required adjustments: - check .azdo so it matches your repository standard - check package.json so you don't overwrite one you already have in the process. Also update the file if you changed the name of the .azdo folder.
  3. Create the pipeline in Azure DevOps or GitHub


Markdown Code Reviews in the Engineering Fundamentals Playbook

Last update: February 15, 2024