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Your Feature or Story Design Title Here (prefix with DRAFT/WIP to indicate level of completeness)

Does the feature re-use or extend existing patterns / interfaces that have already been established for the project? Does the feature expose new patterns or interfaces that will establish a new standard for new future development?

  • Feature/Story Name
  • Engagement: [Engagement]
  • Customer: [Customer]
  • Authors: [Author1, Author2, etc.]

Overview/Problem Statement

  • It can also be a link to the work item.
  • Describe the feature/story with a high-level summary.
  • Consider additional background and justification, for posterity and historical context.
  • List any assumptions that were made for this design.


  • List the goals that the feature/story will help us achieve that are most relevant for the design review discussion.
  • This should include acceptance criteria required to meet definition of done.

Non-goals / Out-of-Scope

  • List the non-goals for the feature/story.
  • This contains work that is beyond the scope of what the feature/component/service is intended for.

Proposed Design

  • Briefly describe the high-level architecture for the feature/story.
  • Relevant diagrams (e.g. sequence, component, context, deployment) should be included here.


  • Describe the relevant OS, Web server, presentation layer, persistence layer, caching, eventing/messaging/jobs, etc. – whatever is applicable to the overall technology solution and how are they going to be used.
  • Describe the usage of any libraries of OSS components.
  • Briefly list the languages(s) and platform(s) that comprise the stack.

Non-Functional Requirements

  • What are the primary performance and scalability concerns for this feature/story?
  • Are there specific latency, availability, and RTO/RPO objectives that must be met?
  • Are there specific bottlenecks or potential problem areas? For example, are operations CPU or I/O (network, disk) bound?
  • How large are the data sets and how fast do they grow?
  • What is the expected usage pattern of the service? For example, will there be peaks and valleys of intense concurrent usage?
  • Are there specific cost constraints? (e.g. $ per transaction/device/user)


  • Does this feature/story need to be sequenced after another feature/story assigned to the same team and why?
  • Is the feature/story dependent on another team completing other work?
  • Will the team need to wait for that work to be completed or could the work proceed in parallel?

Risks & Mitigation

  • Does the team need assistance from subject-matter experts?
  • What security and privacy concerns does this milestone/epic have?
  • Is all sensitive information and secrets treated in a safe and secure manner?

Open Questions

List any open questions/concerns here.

Additional References

List any additional references here including links to backlog items, work items or other documents.

Last update: April 25, 2022