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Decision Log

This document is used to track key decisions that are made during the course of the project. This can be used at a later stage to understand why decisions were made and by whom.

Decision Date Alternatives Considered Reasoning Detailed doc Made By Work Required
Use Architecture Decision Records 01/25/2021 Standard Design Docs An easy and low cost solution of tracking architecture decisions over the lifetime of a project Record Architecture Decisions Dev Team #21654
Use ArgoCD 01/26/2021 FluxCD ArgoCD is more feature rich, will support more scenarios, and will be a better tool to put in our tool belts. So we have decided at this point to go with ArgoCD GitOps Trade Study Dev Team #21672
Use Helm 01/28/2021 Kustomize, Kubes, Gitkube, Draft Platform maturity, templating, ArgoCD support K8s Package Manager Trade Study Dev Team #21674
Use CosmosDB 01/29/2021 Blob Storage, CosmosDB, SQL Server, Neo4j, JanusGraph, ArangoDB CosmosDB has better Azure integration, managed identity, and the Gremlin API is powerful. Graph Storage Trade Study and Decision Dev Team #21650
Use Azure Traffic Manager 02/02/2021 Azure Front Door A lightweight solution to route traffic between multiple k8s regional clusters Routing Trade Study Dev Team #21673
Use Linkerd + Contour 02/02/2021 Istio, Consul, Ambassador, Traefik A CNCF backed cloud native k8s stack to deliver service mesh, API gateway and ingress Routing Trade Study Dev Team #21673
Use ARM Templates 02/02/2021 Terraform, Pulumi, Az CLI Azure Native, Az Monitoring and incremental updates support Automated Deployment Trade Study Dev Team #21651
Use 99designs/gqlgen 02/04/2021 graphql, graphql-go, thunder Type safety, auto-registration and code generation GraphQL Golang Trade Study Dev Team #21775
Create normalized role data model 03/25/2021 Career Stage Profiles (CSP), Microsoft Role Library Requires a data model that support the data requirements of both role systems Role Data Model Schema Dev Team #22035
Design for edges and vertices 03/25/2021 N/A N/A Data Model Dev Team #21976
Use grammes 03/29/2021 Gremlin, gremgo, gremcos Balance of documentation and maturity Gremlin API library Trade Study Dev Team #21870
Design for Gremlin implementation 04/02/2021 N/A N/A Gremlin Dev Team #21980
Design for Gremlin implementation 04/02/2021 N/A N/A Gremlin Dev Team #21980
Expose 1:1 data model from API to DB 04/02/2021 Exposing a minified version of data model contract Team decided that there were no pieces of data that we can rule out as being useful. Will update if data model becomes too complex API README Dev Team #21658
Deprecate SonarCloud 04/05/2021 Checkstyle, PMD, FindBugs Requires paid plan to use in a private repo Code Quality & Security Dev Team #22090
Adopted Stable Tagging Strategy 04/08/2021 N/A Team aligned on the proposed docker container tagging strategy Tagging Strategy Dev Team #22005

Last update: August 17, 2022