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Copy Paste Button

In this example, we use a single button to create a copy-paste micro-keyboard on Raspberry Pi Pico.

  • The button is connected to the Pico's GP14 pin. When the button is pressed, the Pico will send a ctrl+c or ctrl+v keystroke to the computer using a HID keyboard server. The ctrl+c keystroke will copy the selected text, and the ctrl+v keystroke will paste the copied text.
  • The status of the clipboard is indicated by a status LED connected to the Pico's GP1 pin. When the LED is on, the clipboard is full, and when the LED is off, the clipboard is empty.

On MacOS, we use LeftGUI. To update for Windows, replace LeftGuid with LeftControl.

import { pins, board } from "@dsboard/pico"
import {
} from "@devicescript/servers"
import {
} from "@devicescript/core"

// the keyboard button mounted on GP14
const button = startButton({
pin: pins.GP14,
// a status indicator led mounted on GP1
const led = startLightBulb({
pin: pins.GP1,
// the HID keyboard driver that will send keystrokes
const keyboard = startHidKeyboard({})

// true: ctrl+c, false: ctrl+v
let copy = true
// use leftgui on mac or leftcontrol on windows
let modifier = HidKeyboardModifiers.LeftGUI
// uncomment for windows
// let modifier = HidKeyboardModifiers.LeftControl

// copy and paste on button click
button.down.subscribe(async () => {
// when copy is true, send ctrl+c
const selector = copy ? HidKeyboardSelector.C : HidKeyboardSelector.V
// when copy is true, turn on the led to represent a "full clipboard"
const brightness = copy ? 1 : 0

// a bit of logging
console.log(copy ? "ctrl+c" : "ctrl+v")
await keyboard.key(selector, modifier, HidKeyboardAction.Press)
await led.intensity.write(brightness)
// toggle for next round
copy = !copy