We’d like to credit and thank the following contributors to this package. This package would not have been possible without the contributions of these individuals.

Code contributors

  • Mark Powers (@m-m-powers)
  • Ainize Cidoncha (@AinizeCidoncha)
  • Rosamary Ochoa Vargas (@rosamaryo)
  • Tannaz Sattari (@TannazSattari)
  • Lucas Hogner
  • Ellen Trinklein (@etrinklein)
  • Julia Kasper (@juliajuju93)
  • Aleksey Ashikhmin (@alashi-ms)
  • Jasminder Thind (@Jasthin)
  • Florine Segers (@FlorineSegers)

Non-code contributors

Those who contributed to the package through reviewing ideas, documentation, or submitting issues. - Simone Liebal - Damien Freedman

Package maintainers

  • Martin Chan (@martinctc)

  • Carlos Morales Torrado (@moralec)