• Renamed ‘Workplace Analytics’ to ‘Viva Insights’
  • Improved features for multiple functions, e.g. centrality calculations for network_p2p()
  • Improved compatibility of functions with new queries
  • Introduced new functions, e.g. create_density(), keymetrics_scan_asis(), network_summary()
  • Removed ‘portes’ dependency, which was removed from CRAN
  • Bug fixes
  • Made meeting_skim() dynamic - the function will still run even if not all variables are present. (#198)
  • Enable text mining functions to accept stopwords argument as a string vector, rather than a data frame (#182)
  • Better handling of errors due to variable name inconsistency when loading in a Ways of Working Assessment query as opposed to a Standard Person Query (#201)

New functions: - generate_report2() (#141) - wellbeing_report() (#141) - create_tracking() (#141) - anonymize() (#162) - jitter_metrics() (#162)

Other changes: - Improved error handling on create_IV() (#157) - Bug fixes to plotting mechanism for network_p2p() and added ability to select custom weights (#149)

New functions: - hrvar_trend() (#132) - one2one_freq() (#132)

  • Patch update
  • New CRAN submission addressing some feedback on Rd files (successful)
  • Patch update

New functions: - one2one_freq() (#95)

Significant changes to existing functions: - create_rank() is now able to call create_rank_combine() to compute averages for pairwise combinations. The mode and plot_mode arguments are also made available to the key metric wrapper functions of create_rank(). - network_g2g() now has the option to specify algorithm and node colour.

v1.4.0 is the version where the working patterns family of functions are released open source as part of wpa (#55). These functions include:

In addition to the above, there are also some new functions, bug fixes, documentation, and performance improvements.

New functions: - import_to_fst() (#86) - create_hist() (#80) - identify_shifts_wp() (#66)

Significant changes to existing functions:

  • collaboration_report(): visuals and structure are improved (#69)
  • import_wpa() can now specify encoding when reading in data, which now defaults to UTF-8 (#76). This resolves a previous bug for reading in double-byte characters.
  • network_g2g(): now auto-detects columns for collaborators and time investors. Also, if the value 'Collaborators Within Group' does not exist in the data, a warning message is returned.

Bug fixes:

  • collab_area() now has relaxed variable name checks which makes it less prone to fail when not all exact collaboration metrics are available or when cases do not match (#81).
  • Resolved an issue of overly strict checks on flag_outlooktime(). Now it is possible to pass both 7:30 and 07:30 as inputs.

Documentation changes have been implemented across the board to comply with CRAN and to improve the user experience (#31)

New functions, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Significant changes to existing functions: - New plot visual is available for keymetrics_scan() - combine_signals() can now dynamically accept any metrics available in the Hourly Collaboration query. - pairwise_count() now uses a data.table implementation, instead of dependent on widyr.

New functions: - network_p2p() - network_leiden() - network_louvain() - network_describe() - create_sankey() - totals_col()

Some package dependencies have been removed (see #36): - network - GGally - widyr

This is the first version of the wpa package to be released open-source on GitHub. If you have been using a previous developmental version, the main difference is that this release omits the more experimental working patterns family of functions. The experimental functions are currently available upon request via .