wpa comes with a number of functions that allow you to generate automated HTML reports that are based off Workplace Analytics flexible queries. You can find a list of the reports available below.

Text in italics indicate the required flexible query to run the report. SPQ stands for Standard Person Query, SMQ for Standard Meeting Query, and HCQ stands for Hourly Collaboration Query.

Reports for Baseline Analysis

Reports for Data Validation

Reports for Specific Analyses

Example Code

You can generate a report on collaboration by running the following code:

This will generate an HTML report in the location of your working directory, and can take a few minutes to run if you have a large dataset loaded. The resulting HTML report can be opened with any web browser.

For best and consistent results, please ensure that your dataset is loaded in using the import_wpa() function, which ensures that your variables are loaded in as the correct types required for wpa functions.