Interface IEditorFindOptions

Configuration options for editor find widget

interface IEditorFindOptions {
    addExtraSpaceOnTop?: boolean;
    autoFindInSelection?: "always" | "never" | "multiline";
    cursorMoveOnType?: boolean;
    loop?: boolean;
    seedSearchStringFromSelection?: "always" | "never" | "selection";


addExtraSpaceOnTop?: boolean
autoFindInSelection?: "always" | "never" | "multiline"

Controls if Find in Selection flag is turned on in the editor.

cursorMoveOnType?: boolean

Controls whether the cursor should move to find matches while typing.

loop?: boolean

Controls whether the search result and diff result automatically restarts from the beginning (or the end) when no further matches can be found

seedSearchStringFromSelection?: "always" | "never" | "selection"

Controls if we seed search string in the Find Widget with editor selection.