Interface IGlobalEditorOptions

Options which apply for all editors.

interface IGlobalEditorOptions {
    autoDetectHighContrast?: boolean;
    detectIndentation?: boolean;
    insertSpaces?: boolean;
    largeFileOptimizations?: boolean;
    maxTokenizationLineLength?: number;
    semanticHighlighting.enabled?: boolean | "configuredByTheme";
    stablePeek?: boolean;
    tabSize?: number;
    theme?: string;
    trimAutoWhitespace?: boolean;
    wordBasedSuggestions?: "off" | "currentDocument" | "matchingDocuments" | "allDocuments";
    wordBasedSuggestionsOnlySameLanguage?: boolean;

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autoDetectHighContrast?: boolean

If enabled, will automatically change to high contrast theme if the OS is using a high contrast theme. Defaults to true.

detectIndentation?: boolean

Controls whether tabSize and insertSpaces will be automatically detected when a file is opened based on the file contents. Defaults to true.

insertSpaces?: boolean

Insert spaces when pressing Tab. This setting is overridden based on the file contents when detectIndentation is on. Defaults to true.

largeFileOptimizations?: boolean

Special handling for large files to disable certain memory intensive features. Defaults to true.

maxTokenizationLineLength?: number

Lines above this length will not be tokenized for performance reasons. Defaults to 20000.

semanticHighlighting.enabled?: boolean | "configuredByTheme"

Controls whether the semanticHighlighting is shown for the languages that support it. true: semanticHighlighting is enabled for all themes false: semanticHighlighting is disabled for all themes 'configuredByTheme': semanticHighlighting is controlled by the current color theme's semanticHighlighting setting. Defaults to 'byTheme'.

stablePeek?: boolean

Keep peek editors open even when double-clicking their content or when hitting Escape. Defaults to false.

tabSize?: number

The number of spaces a tab is equal to. This setting is overridden based on the file contents when detectIndentation is on. Defaults to 4.

theme?: string

Theme to be used for rendering. The current out-of-the-box available themes are: 'vs' (default), 'vs-dark', 'hc-black', 'hc-light'. You can create custom themes via monaco.editor.defineTheme. To switch a theme, use monaco.editor.setTheme. NOTE: The theme might be overwritten if the OS is in high contrast mode, unless autoDetectHighContrast is set to false.

trimAutoWhitespace?: boolean

Remove trailing auto inserted whitespace. Defaults to true.

wordBasedSuggestions?: "off" | "currentDocument" | "matchingDocuments" | "allDocuments"

Controls whether completions should be computed based on words in the document. Defaults to true.

wordBasedSuggestionsOnlySameLanguage?: boolean

Controls whether word based completions should be included from opened documents of the same language or any language.