Interface MultiDocumentHighlightProvider

A provider that can provide document highlights across multiple documents.

interface MultiDocumentHighlightProvider {
    selector: LanguageFilter;
    provideMultiDocumentHighlights(primaryModel, position, otherModels, token): ProviderResult<Map<Uri, DocumentHighlight[]>>;


selector: LanguageFilter


  • Provide a Map of Uri --> document highlights, like all occurrences of a variable or all exit-points of a function.

    Used in cases such as split view, notebooks, etc. where there can be multiple documents with shared symbols.


    • primaryModel: ITextModel

      The primary text model.

    • position: Position

      The position at which to provide document highlights.

    • otherModels: ITextModel[]

      The other text models to search for document highlights.

    • token: CancellationToken

      A cancellation token.

    Returns ProviderResult<Map<Uri, DocumentHighlight[]>>

    A map of Uri to document highlights.